Gel Beds are Cool

Gel Beds are Heat Neutral

Gel beds are becoming the newest innovation sweeping the mattress industry. Unlike some other high-tech materials (I-Comfort), Ortho-Gelâ„¢ is heat neutral. It is comfortable in summer and winter. Used in hospitals for long term critical care patients the gentle buoyant relief is felt in every pressure point from head to toe. They provide the ultimate in pressure relieving technology.

NexGel Gel Beds with Latex

NexGel Gel Beds with Latex

Gel Beds Offer Self Zoning

No matter how much you weigh or your sleeping style, gel beds conform to your ideal sleep posture, providing superb support and spinal alignment no other mattress can come close to. The self correcting aspect makes this an extremely unique and innovative design that is taking the country by storm. The strong, durable gel material is virtually impression proof and is guaranteed for 10 full years plus an additional 10 years pro-rated.

Gel Beds are Made From Mineral Oil

NexGel Gel Mattress by Natura

NexGel Gel Mattress by Natura

The same material used by Dr. Scholl’s and JanSport is what is found inside of gel beds. It is made with 70% food grade mineral oil and is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and odorless. Some other great benefits is that it is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, dust mite and bed bug proof. The NexGel gel beds are also endorsed by the International League of Chiropractors. Gel mattresses have a feel like no other mattress.

Latex Gel Beds

Our Solutions Latex Gel Bed utilizes the healing power of the patented OrthoGel technology and combines it with the feel of Talalay latex. The responsive layer of OrthoGel contours to an individuals sleep style, gently cradling areas of high pressure while the Talalay latex layer absorbs any motion transfer for a much more restful nights sleep between couples. At the base of the gel bed you will find plant based foam that is both supportive and soft. The stretch-knit ticking offers a luxurious topping to these exquisite gel beds.

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