Gel Beds vs Gel Infused Memory Foam

What’s the Difference Between Gel Beds and Gel Infused Memory Foam?

This question is asked often enough for me to post on it. With the huge success of the Serta IComfort gel infused memory foam mattress people want to know the difference between the Natura Ortho Gel bed and this new product. The main difference is the heat index factor. Although Serta says it’s much cooler than traditional memory foam, all one has to do is read the reviews for the Serta IComfort to see that’s not exactly true. Like most memory foam mattresses this too is hot to sleep on. Why? Not because of the gel infusion but because Serta hides it all under a bunch of other stuff that simply does not breathe! If the consumer had the choice to opt for a model that allows them to sleep directly on the gel memory foam then perhaps the claims of the mattress itself being cooler would ring true.

Gel Memory Foam is Cool, but Not the Layers Above it

As I eluded to in the above paragraph, the benefits of the I Comfort by Serta are lost in the filling materials placed above the gel foam layer. Of course they must adhere to the strict laws our government has placed on mattress manufacturers to make sure no dummy falls asleep with a cigarette in their mouth and burns up in bed. This leads to layers of not so healthy chemically treated fire retardants which of course, do not breathe very well themselves. This is another reason why these beds have an offensive odor to most when they are unwrapped out of the plastic. Again, just read the reviews.

Gel Beds Like the Serta I Comfort, It’s all About Marketing

NASA Memory Foam

Does NASA Really Use Memory Foam?

I saw it on TV so it must be great, that’s what the leading memory foam mattress customers are led to believe, but look at the reviews by actual customers on non company sponsored review sites. Here’s the truth, NASA contracted for the formulation of a anti-gravity foam. Upon implementation it was quickly discovered that the off-gassing of the product was too much for the space shuttle crew to handle in addition to the natural odors created by the personnel over a period of time in space. Almost as fast as it was installed it was uninstalled but perhaps you can see now how the truth has been stretched to imply that “space age foam” was widely used by NASA when in fact it was rejected. This information was provided by a NASA engineer who worked on the development of the space shuttle. The words “developed for NASA” are true, but it’s the rest of the story that advertisers leave out and consumers get sucked into believing what they see on TV which has led to great success for the company mentioned above. Bottom line, read the reviews by actual customers on non sponsored sites like the Mattress Underground

Gel Beds made with mineral oil will outperform gel infused memory foam and the clinical trials prove it!

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